75th Anniversary Klondike Derby

Save the Date: Hiawathaland District Presents the 75th Anniversary of Klondike Derbies at Camp Hiawatha

Cost is $15 per youth & adult. Overnight camping in tents or snow shelters included. Limited Cabin space available on Friday and/or Saturday night at an extra charge or $10 per person per night. Also, each person needs to bring two cans of soup, preferably non-cream based, for the Klondike Stew for Lunch and the other can will go to a local food pantry. 

REGISTRATION NOTES:  When registering your unit for the 75th Klondike, you will be asked what your unit plans are. The choices are Coming just for the Day of the event, staying outside in a tent or quinzee on etiher Friday or Satruday night or both, or if you want to stay in a Cabin on Friday or Saturday or both. 

If Cabins is typed in, you will need to select how much cabin space you need for Friday night and/or Saturday night. Please add the total people to one or the other or both if you want space both nights in a cabin. (so you are entering youth and adults at $15.00 each and then selecting how much cabin space you want and for when as well.) 

Contact Patrick O’Brien for registration questions: patrick.obrien@scouting.org

Camp Hiawatha Trading Post will be open at some point during the event so you can purchase a Camp Shirt, bandana with the Camp Map, a Sweatshirt, baseball hat, daypack and more!  Hiawathaland District version of the NEW Bay-Lakes Council Strips will be available as well at $6.50 each. 

The Event flyer to the right in the attachments area has page one intended for the adults & SPL and page two intended for Each Patrol.

In the attachment on the right titled “Klondike Jr. Ranger Handbook”, Each Patrol should complete this workbook prior to attending as it is a part of the activity at one of the events that are scored. 

Webelos are welcome for the day of the event only and to compete Saturday at the Klondike Derby.  They can register and compete as a Webelos Patrol and be judged against other Webelos patrols or Scouts BSA Troops can invite Webelos to be part of their Patrols and be judged that way.