Kon Wapos Lodge Achieves “Thriving” Status for 2022

Each year, Kon Wapos Lodge renews its Charter with the national organization. As part of this charter renewal process, we inform the national office of what we did in 2022, including unit elections, inductions, membership, service hours, monetary contributions to Bay-Lakes Council, and training.

Lodges across the country submit this form annually and can qualify for one of two distinctions: Thriving and High Performing.

Those lodges with at least 14 points on the Performance Measurement Program qualify for the Thriving distinction while those with at least 22 points qualify for the High Performing distinction.

We are excited to announce that Kon Wapos Lodge has earned the Thriving distinction for 2022! Thank you to all of our members who have helped us achieve this! Whether you gave your time at a Spring Conference, conducted a unit election, served in a leadership role in your chapter or the lodge, you helped.

To learn more about the Performance Measurement Program, click here.