Operation Arrow – OA Staff at the National Jamboree

July 16-29, 2023 | summit bechtel reserve, wv

Open to Arrowmen ages 16 and older

What is Operation Arrow?
Operation Arrow continues a 60+ year OA legacy by providing service to the National Scout Jamboree. Over 250 youth Arrowmen will support the jamboree program by joining one of the OA program areas: the Service Corps or Summit Apex. Serving as a young adult (16-33) jamboree service team member is the most affordable way to attend the 2023 National Scouting Jamboree and you’ll get to do more, experience more, and frankly be a part of something more than you would with any other program area or council contingent through Operation Arrow.

OA Service Corps
The OA Service Corps is our traditional service-oriented team that has supported jamboree program and operations since 1950. It’s a great way to serve and see many different aspects of
the jamboree.

Summit Apex
Summit Apex is the new jamboree outpost experience hosted by the Order of the Arrow. Summit Apex staff will lead this outpost program consisting of an afternoon and evening of unique activities providing each jamboree participant with new experiences, friends and an even greater appreciation for Scouting.

The Fun!
Operation Arrow staffers do not just provide the essential program and logistical service to the 2023 National Jamboree. We also plan to have scheduled free time for staff members to experience many of the exciting program offerings made available to participants.