The Order of the Arrow will conduct in-person Ordeal induction and cheerful service weekends in June, August and October.  These events are for all OA members and Ordeal candidates.  OA members and candidates will work on service projects to get the camps ready for the summer camp and other events.  Current Ordeal members who have been OA members at least 6 months, can complete requirements for their Brotherhood membership.  Vigil candidates can complete their Vigil.  More information for registration is available at the Bay-Lakes website and the Kon Wapos Lodge website.  Registration is open for the Spring Conferences in June. 

When registering for a Spring Conference, choose the weekend and camp.

June 4-6, Gardner Dam Scout Camp or Camp Hiawatha

June 11-13, Camp Rokilio or Bear Paw Scout Camp

For more information and to register for a Kon Wapos Lodge Spring Conference, go to the Calendar page.