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Unit visitations will start in early 2023 and go through April 1st. Order of the Arrow teams from each chapter will visit units in their district to promote summer camp, share information about the Order of the Arrow and conduct a unit election, if there are youth eligible for membership in the unit. Members should contact their chapter to become a member of the unit visitation teams. The process of scheduling the unit visitation will begin with an email from the lodge to the unit leader and committee chair. The unit leader will submit names of youth eligible for election and request a visit. The chapter will confirm the schedule with the unit leader.

Adult Nominations

Units that conduct a youth election are eligible to have their unit committee submit names of adults to the lodge for consideration to become adult candidates for membership. Instructions will be provided to unit leaders and committee chairs.


A new National OA policy is for those elected to be announced at the time of the election. The purpose of this announcement is to provide immediate recognition for those who were elected. Candidates can still be called-out during a ceremony at one of the spring camporees or at summer camp.


OA call-out ceremonies are not required before attending the Ordeal. Call-out ceremonies will be conducted by the lodge at camporees during the spring of 2023 and during summer camp at Bear Paw and Hiawatha. A unit may conduct a call out ceremony with permission from the lodge. Someone elected in 2023 who completes their Ordeal in June of 2023 can be called out at summer camp. Those who attend a camp outside of Bay-Lakes Council can be called out if their unit leader requests permission from the lodge. The lodge adviser will provide a letter for the unit to present to the out-of-council camp. The purpose of the OA call-out, is to recognize those who have been elected and to inspire those who are not yet elected to want to become members.


Candidates who were elected in 2022 and who have not completed their Ordeal, will be eligible to complete the Ordeal in 2023. They will receive an invitation from the lodge to complete their Ordeal.


Ordeal induction weekends will be held during June at each of the 4 council camps. There will also be an induction weekend in August at Gardner Dam Adventure Base. Registration will open for those weekends early in 2023. Registration links will be provided to all OA members and candidates.


You can pay your 2023 dues on-line.  You maintain or renew your Order of the Arrow membership status with a current BSA membership and payment of the $15 OA lodge dues.  Your $15 supports OA programs and council programs like the campership fund, Kon Wapos S’mores night at camp, camp leader recognition and more.  

You can also register as a “Golden Arrow” member which covers your dues and lodge events in 2023.  Youth $80, Adult $100.  Over $140 value.  A special lodge flap with a golden arrow will be sent to members who choose this option.


March 24-26, Minneapolis, MN

National Leadership Seminar is the premier national leadership training program of the Order of the Arrow. A Developing Youth Leaders Conference for adults will be conducted at the same time.

Friday check-in 6pm, NLS program begins 8pm, DYLC program begins 7:30pm

Sunday departure after 1pm

Kon Wapos Lodge will be forming a contingent of youth and adults to attend the event in Minneapolis. The lodge provides funding for half the cost and will take care of transportation. Indoor lodging and meals are included in the fee of $290 (the lodge will cover half of the fee, your cost is $145). Youth and adults should contact the lodge adviser for approval receive and instructions on how to register. Additional funding may also be available from Section G10.

Upcoming Events

April 14-16, 2023
L.E. Phillips Scout Reservation

April 28-30, 2023
Camp Rokilio

Spring Conference

June 2-4, 2023
Camp Rokilio
Bear Paw Scout Camp

June 9-11, 2023
Gardner Dam Adventure Base

June 16-18, 2023
Camp Hiawatha

August 18-20, 2023
Gardner Dam Adventure Base


Sept. 22-24, Gardner Dam Adventure Base and Bear Paw Scout Camp

Order of the Arrow members are invited to serve in various ways to support the BAY-LAKES SCOUT FEST event.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

National Jamboree, July 19-28, Summit Bechtel Reserve, West Virginia

You can be a part of Operation Arrow at the National Jamboree.  OA members age 16+ can apply to serve on the Operation Arrow team at the Jamboree.   Contact the lodge adviser for more information. 

You can also find information at the National Jamboree website. 

Additional Opportunities

Maple Syrup Open House

Order of the Arrow members are invited to serve as members of the staff to support the annual Maple Syrup Open House at Bear Paw. Stay tuned for more information on how you can register to serve on staff.

75 Years of Klondikes

Celebrating 75 years of Klondike Derbies in the Upper Peninsula. Option to camp or reserve limited cabin space.

Polar Cubs

We are looking for OA members to help with the Polar Cub program.  You can assist for the weekend or come on Saturday to help with the program.  Contact the lodge adviser. 


March 11, Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton

We encourage youth to attend STEM Pi Day.  We are looking for adults to assist with the program.  Stay tuned for more information on how to register as a participant or volunteer. 

Arctic Adventure

Feb. 3-5, Gardner Dam Adventure Base
Feb. 17-19, Camp Hiawatha (featuring ice climbing for age 14+)
Feb. 17-19, Gardner Dam Adventure Base 
March 3-5, Camp Hiawatha

Scouts and Venturers are invited to attend Arctic Adventure.  A weekend of winter fun and adventure!  Choose the camp and dates.  Snowshoeing, make fleece items, build a Quinzhee snow shelter and more!  Special ice climbing featured Feb. 18th at Camp Hiawatha.   

Hearty meals.  Indoor lodging for male and female Scouts and adults.  You can also try winter camping on Saturday night.   Individuals or groups can register to attend.

Bay-Lakes Council Summer Camp Staff

Be a member of the Bay-Lakes Council summer camp staff.  Ask about the new CIT program. 

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